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Increase sales, grow market share, enhance customer experience and reward your sales intermediaries for positive behaviour changes


Why a channel incentive programme?

Channels are crucial as more than 78% of the selling and purchases are made through different channels globally.

Modern businesses work on strong relationships. Companies can motivate and revitalise their channel partners by introducing special channel incentive programmes. This relationship can be used to co-brand the products or services with other vendors. Thus, businesses can lay the foundation of strong business relationships with channel incentive programmes.


Sales Incentives Simplified

Did you know…

Innovating Sales Incentives


more sales opportunities are typically generated by nurturing leads


of sales personnel give up after 1 follow-up


improvement in individual performances through sales training

Traditional sales incentives typically focus on sale closures and targets. With a solution from WOW,  you can increase efficiency and incentivise both the end result as well as the journey by encouraging short-term actions/behaviours as well as long-term goals with visible and tangible rewards and recognition. Create a high-adrenaline sales team with real-time leaderboards on individual and corporate sales performance, aided by the visual messaging and broadcast features of our incentive platform. Enhance sales pitch and improve chances of successful deal closures using our incentives platform with relevant and timely information on products & services with our incentives programme today.

Our Value Proposition

Sales Team Benefits
Our Solution
Business Benefits


Mitigate Risk Without Sacrificing Experience

Processing rewards is just the beginning. We audit claims, reconcile payments, and analyze transactions so you don’t have to.

With an unmatched combination of audit, analytics, and expertise, WOW protects your business by detecting and responding to fraud without impacting valid claims or compromising the experience. More than a solution, it’s a partnership.


Offer them choice engage them more

  • Cash

    directly into their bank account or onto a re-loadable MasterCard

  • WOW anything goes

    literally anything – if they can see it and they have earned enough, they can have it

Our Offerings

WOW uses these modules, stand-alone or in combination, to motivate, engage and reward sales individuals and teams in any Channel-to-Market environment:

Partner Challenge

Using personal competitiveness to drive daily sales targets. This module is currently utilised in call centres and network marketing environments only.

Monthly Cost

R95 to R125 per participant

Mystery Shopper

This is an Independent measurement of stores, branches and sites. Instant feedback to management and staff aligned with your business goals.

Monthly Cost

R26 to R70 per participant

Sales Hurdles

This module drives the behaviour toward attainment of very specific sets of sales goals. Often termed hurdles, these measures include improvements in compliance, or brands mix, right-size packs, price guidance, call cycles in the appropriate channel and volume growth. Participants are rewarded for incremental improvement and meeting the specified hurdle.

Monthly Cost

R35 to R70 per participant

Sales Innovation

Facilitated suggestion workshops to unlock sales staff and channel partners’ wisdom.

Monthly Cost

R6 to R10 per participant

Product Pop Quiz

Interactive multiple-choice pop quiz to help sales staff or channel partners to understand their product range with sweepstake prizes for winners.

Monthly Cost

R5 to R12 per participant

Sales Accelerator

Module that creates a competitive culture amongst the sales staff by acknowledging their accomplishments while driving individual sales performance.

Monthly Cost

R40 to R60 per participant


Staff or intermediaries buy into the success of the client business or client sales goals and earn monthly or quarterly points for their performance. This is brilliant for long-term retention of the best staff and applies equally to building intermediary commitment and trust within sales channels. Final points can be redeemed for a choice of vouchers or selected catalogue merchandise. This is an excellent way of extending the impact of low-budget reward solutions.

Monthly Cost

R15 to R37 per participant

Did You Know

This is a simple, yet highly effective way of educating your staff about your business or reinforcing your company values. Engagement is enhanced by coupling the messaging with the possibility of winning a lucky draw prize.

Monthly Cost

R10 to R15 per participant

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