With the impactful WOW full-service staff reward and recognition programme, Capfin has been able to improve business and staff performance. The programme has equipped Capfin management with the tools necessary to create an environment that is conducive to staff meeting and exceeding their business targets set as well as softer goals identified by management as critical to the development of the company’s culture.


Whirlpool uses a bespoke WOW Sales Incentive Programme, which is relevant and current for Whirlpool sales intermediaries in approximately 300 stores across South Africa. The programme has increased Whirlpool’s product sales. This was achieved through targeted sales incentives and product learning initiatives that really speak to the independent sales consultants.


Sony is a leading global innovator of consumer electronics technology products for both the consumer and professional markets.Through the use of a fully customised WOW Channel Sales Incentive programme, Sony has entrenched a position as a top-tier brand on the South African mobile market.


Aberdare Cables is a leading supplier of intelligent energy inter-connection products and services in Africa. With their WOW-designed and administered staff reward and recognition programme, Aberdare has been able to improve business performance, incrementally and consistently. Every employee is motivated to deliver more and to work together to successfully take the company to new levels of productivity and workplace safety.


The Ignition Group is one of Africa's largest independent distribution channels for technology, media, telecommunication and financial services. WHAM is the name of the longstanding, customised incentive programme driving performance across all staff of Ignition Group. WHAM has been running for 9 years and has resulted in having a more motivated workplace, driven with a performance ethos and a workplace environment characterised with an atmosphere of celebration and fun.