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Redefining Employee Recognition and Rewards

Create an outstanding work environment and motivate your employees to be at the top of their game, at all times.


Stop At Nothing To Make Work Rewarding

A company is only as good as its people. To be the best in your industry, you need to engage your workforce. And to do that, you need to find out what drives each individual. It’s not just about salary. It’s about providing an engaging experience that strengthens the bond between employer and employee. You need to offer benefits that support your entire workforce in all aspects of their lives and make them aware of their true value. Not just as employees, but as people.

Benefits of an Employee Rewards and Recognition Program

An organisation’s success is heavily influenced by the culture of the company. An organisation’s culture can be summarised as its goals and the internalised overall perspective adopted by individuals to their work experience.

Employee recognition and rewards have a good impact on the company’s culture since it fosters a spirit of mutual respect among all employees. Having a great business culture also aids employers in attracting the best workers, thereby multiplying the long-term production efficiency of the organisation.

Managing high employee turnover is the biggest challenge of an organisation’s human resource departments worldwide. An employee’s choice to quit a firm is influenced by a number of variables.

Employee satisfaction is a critical variable. Employee satisfaction depends on the treatment of the staff within the organisation. When you prioritise recognising your employees timely, they become more invested in the job and the company emotionally. These staff tend to be more loyal

An employee rewards and recognition programme builds healthy competition among employees. Reinforcing a culture of recognition in a meaningful and organised manner ensures employees experience emotional benefits linked to their hard work.

When employees bring their dedication to work, it is beneficial to the company. It assists the organisation to achieve its targets faster.

Attractive employer branding engages the right applicant and develops positivity along with employee engagement.

An employee rewards and recognition programme helps in building a powerful brand image. It promotes good relationships and helps develop an enthusiastic atmosphere at work. Moreover, it promotes employee advocacy in the long run.

When employees feel appreciated in the workplace, they become active advocates and supporters of the company and its products.

An interesting benefit of recognition is that recognition generates empowerment among the workforce.

Recognising employees influences them to take ownership of their work. They feel proud of what they do and their contribution to the company’s success.

By praising and recognising employees on a regular basis, you encourage their efforts and enable them to develop confidence and dedication.


Less is more

WOW’s philosophy of LESS IS MORE has helped to effectively change the perceptions of thousands of individuals over the past 15 years! Our cost-effective Recognition & Reward solutions are tailor-made to motivate and change the behaviour of staff in any sector. Our reward and recognition solutions also effectively communicate with each staff member regarding what needs to be done to get recognised and rewarded and how close they are to achieving it. Because our programmes communicate via ONE VOICE, they feature high staff engagement. All this translates into real behavioural change in any target audience at relatively low costs.


Rewards that Make a Difference

WOW offers a variety of reward options to boost the impact of recognition.


Simple but powerful, WOW Scratchcards are a largely admin-free solution that give low-cost, but significant and tangible recognition to winners. Instant rewards are given for great behaviour. Winners scratch to find out what they have won. Prizes are pre-selected by the client and range in value from R50 to R2500. Managers receive simple How-To training and reminders on how to best utilise this resource for behaviour change.

Monthly Cost

R45 to R75 per participant


Great for driving steady incremental improvement. Teams win celebrations when they consistently achieve selected short-term goals. Winning teams decide how they want to celebrate. Celebrations are managed by WOW for maximum effect and minimum disruption to your business.

Monthly Cost

R35 to R75 per participant


These are Supervisor surprises that not only help junior management drive short-term targets, but also teach them, the managers, to implement micro-recognition within clear governance rules. All admin is handled off-site by WOW.

Monthly Cost

R20 to R25 per participant


Recognition by peers that highlights the positives. Feedback is used to drive the changes sought by management.

Monthly Cost

R6 to R10 per participant

Trolley Dash

This is an exuberant way to focus excitement at the end of a quarter or a year. A selected number of top performers dash around a retail outlet for a short period of time filling their trolley with desired items. The event is filmed so that the winners and the staff body relive their experience. Multiple measures allow for pinnacle winners to emerge over the run of the cycle, while constant communications keep interest high and offer a lifeline to all staff to become winners themselves


R3 to R6 per participant

Did you know?

This is a simple, yet highly effective way of educating your staff about your business or reinforcing your company values. Engagement is enhanced by coupling the messaging with the possibility of winning a lucky draw prize.


R10 to R15 per participant


Staff or intermediaries buy into the success of the business or sales goals and earn monthly or quarterly points for their performance. This is brilliant for long-term retention of the best staff and building intermediary commitment and trust with the sales channel staff. Final points can be redeemed for a choice of vouchers or selected catalogue merchandise. This is an excellent way of extending the impact of low-budget reward solutions.

Monthly Cost

R15 to R37 per participant


Instant engagement via an attention grabbing Deskdrop-gift that helps build a specific team value ethos or target and ensures that programme participants internalise company or brand values.

Monthly Cost

R5 to R18 per participant


Facilitated suggestion workshops held onsite or remotely to unlock staff wisdom.

Monthly Cost

R15 to R25 per participant

Innovation Challenge

A five-month progressive innovation challenge that allows organisations to utilise your best internal resource – your managers – to come up with business ideas that could be the next big game-changers. Even if a revolutionary idea fails to emerge, the process will provide practical straightforward ways to cut costs, improve efficiencies and prove that general management is empowered to make a difference. Structured, defined and credible.

Monthly Cost

R10 to R30 per participant


This is staff recognition straight from management and requires a minimum of managers’ time. This results in superb and instant trust and is a definite morale booster that results in incremental improvements in performance.

Monthly Cost

R5 to R12 per participant


Is a highly effective consequence-module that drives perfect attendance with tiered rewards.

Monthly Cost

R15 to R20 per participant

Sales Accelerator

This is module creates a competitive culture amongst the sales staff. This is done through acknowledging their accomplishments while driving sales performance that meets the requirements of being incremental and an improvement on past achievements.

Monthly Cost

R40 to R60 per participant

Sales Hurdles

This module drives the behaviour toward the carefully selected attainment of specific goals as well as surmounting a hurdle, often a measure of improvement in compliance, or brands mix, right pack sizes, right price, in the appropriate channel. Participants are rewarded for incremental improvement and meeting the specified hurdle.

Monthly Cost

R35 to R70 per participant

Sales Innovation

Facilitated suggestion workshops conducted onsite or remotely to unlock sales staff wisdom.

Monthly Cost

R6 to R75 per participant

Product Pop Quiz

Interactive multiple-choice pop quiz to help sales staff understand their product range with sweepstake prizes for winners.

Monthly Cost

R5 to R12 per participant

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