Shifting focus to drive greater engagement in the motor vehicle retail channel

The client’s needs were simple: a birds-eye view of the dealer network and a communication and engagement tool to drive focus on what is important, right now.

This birthed Shift, an application through which the OEM could talk directly to the channel, see performance at a macro-level and drive knowledge transfer through a daily pop-quiz.

By housing quarterly / promotional incentives and daily pop-quiz earnings in a virtual wallet embedded within the App, we knew we had their attention. Now we could focus participants on key sales drivers and consumer promotions for the day / week / month at hand.

Shift has turned into a powerful differentiator with 76% of the network engaging with the App daily.

Rewarding loyalty by focusing on driver wellness

The health of the driver and the health of their vehicle – a key focus for a commercial fuel supplier which led to the development of TruckStop Loyalty Plus to change brand perceptions and drive specific site facility utilisation.

Loyalty Plus became the communication channel highlighting additional services and amenities; communicating safe driving and wellness tips as well as rewarding drivers for their loyalty to the brand and specific sites.

Rewards focused on enriching the life of a driver and his family through airtime and grocery vouchers.

Sourcing leads through everyday activities

Selling aftermarket value-add products (VAPS) in the motor trade isn’t easy. The sales pipeline needs to be continually filled with new leads and, as importantly, capitalising on re-signing renewals – the plans that are about to expire.

CoinIt fills the sales funnel by enabling Service Advisors at Motor Dealerships around South Africa to easily capture vehicle registration details by scanning the license disc, naturally with the car-owner’s permission.

Leads are tracked as they work their way through the call centre sales cycle and Service Advisors receive commission paid out weekly onto their WOW Mastercard.