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A customised programme that fits your customers

Achieve brand loyalty whilst creating strategic campaigns that incentivise customers when engaging with your business


Build a Better Customer Relationship

Consumer behaviour is motivated by a number of factors — price, exclusivity, brand awareness, word of mouth, and more. Unfortunately, this means consumers may not always choose your product or service when presented with similar options.

As a retailer you want to meet ambitious sales goals while building customer loyalty. In today’s market, you may need to give consumers a compelling reason to choose you over your competitors. Consumer incentive programmes can help you influence consumer behaviour to benefit your business, attracting new customers and strengthening relationships with existing ones. At the same time, consumer incentive programmes can serve as powerful tools to collect the data you need to improve your business.


Benefits of a customer loyalty program

Like personal relationships, customer relationships are successful when both parties feel they’re getting something beneficial from the relationship. Customers give you their support when they buy from you, and loyalty rewards like discounts and freebies affirm that they’re receiving something in return

Incentivise transactions & behaviours with dynamic campaigns

Create a value-driven experience that motivates your customers to engage and transact with your brand, time after time


Targeted incentives

Engage customers with incentives designed to drive a deeper connection to your brand

Detailed insights

Leverage live data and reporting to identify opportunities and spending trends

Promotions hub

Deliver campaigns and incentives via your own fully branded portal

Consumer Loyalty Programmes

Keep them loyal

As communication is a vital component in all WOW programmes , we leverage a bespoke communication platform to talk to participants on your programme via:


Test and improve product knowledge by sending daily/weekly quizzes via SMS or via a Mobile APP

Cost per participant of R0,15 to R12 per quiz


Run regular ad hoc competitions with a limited pool of  pinnacle prizes, where only a few customers win

Cost per participant of R6 to R11 per competition cycle

Promotional Messaging

Messages on various promotions running used to increase purchases on specific products

Cost per participant for each promotional message between R0,05 and R0,52


Conduct surveys with linked rewards for completing these surveys. WOW offer a range of solutions from Mobile APP driven surveys to full Mystery Shopping solutions

Cost of R25 to R325 per survey response

Milestones Messaging

Inform customers how they are doing on the programme and what levels they have achieved whilst encouraging further participation

Cost per participant from R0,05 to R15 per campaign segment


Incentivise customers by running additional incentives to improve sales or focus on specific products

Cost per participant from R7 to R100 per incentive

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