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Hi, We are WOW Marketing Services

We create workplace cultures where people and organisations thrive.

About Us

Why Choose WOW

We Are

B-BBEE Level 1 black-owned company with the founders actively managing clients’ campaigns. Our services include research, incentive programme design (channel and staff), software development and administrative services including a complete range of fulfilment options.

We Create

Results-driven campaigns to change crucial behaviours in specific groups of people. We use innovative thinking, smart technology and robust administration to drive behaviour change in areas that really matter for our clients.

We Believe

In transparent costing, a service ethos and quality controls. Our attitude is to remain open to new thinking and fresh ideas. Above-all, we strive to be flexible, so as to meet our clients evolving needs when it comes to designing and rolling-out effective incentive programmes.

About Us

Bringing Culture, Clarity and People together

It’s a given fact that the success and failure of any organisation depends on its most valuable asset, its people. At WOW, we tackle this head-on. Our employee recognition and sales channel programmes are designed to help companies prosper. They provide the clarity and sense of purpose to your employees , often lacking, either having been lost in the hustle and noise of day to day work, or due to a non-existent or poor company culture.

Our Story

Let's get Aquainted

Paul Lange and Leigh Resnekov founded Wow over 15 years ago and have between them 54 years of extensive experience in strategic solution building and project management skills which have been the core of WOW’s success. This experience has allowed WOW to constantly develop and modify performance strategies to achieve the best results for clients.

A driving force behind Wow’s success is the belief that a motivated employee performs at their best for longer. And WOW believes that the same applies not only to our clients’ employees but also the independent intermediaries in their sales channels that are employed by other organisations.



The Heartbeat of our Business


To partner with clients to harness their staff’s potential to drive sales growth, efficiency and safety with a strong focus on providing superior customer service. The mission is expanded to include harnessing the potential to optimise the performance of staff not employed by our clients, but active in the clients’ channels to market.


To be South Africa’s leading innovator in behaviour modification solutions, creating an unparalleled competitive advantage for our clients.


Inspire + Ignite

At the core of everything we do are our company values. They define who we are, they guide our actions and behaviour, they influence the way we collaborate and of course, the way we serve our clients & engage their employee’s.

Integrity creates trust. As an organization, collectively, it’s our most valuable asset. Individually, it’s the constant choice to infuse every action with honesty, fairness, and respect for clients and colleagues alike.

Passion generates excitement for what we do and how we do it. With Passion at the heart of everything we do, we nurture ideas, inspire excellence, and find creative ways to eliminate obstacles for cultivating growth.

We honour commitments to our clients and to one another. We are responsible to accomplish our work, on-time, with quality. We realise that our clients, co-workers, and the company depend on us doing what is expected. We will do what it takes to honour our commitments, even when it is uncomfortable or hard.

We deliver on commitments. We do what we say we’ll do. We own our mistakes and take positive action. We move fast to get the right things done. Boundless success belongs to everyone.

We are a diverse and inclusive company, and serve diverse clients. We believe we are a better company when each of us feels included, valued, and able to trust colleagues who respect each of us for who we are and what we contribute to our collective success.


The Company We Keep

Our Fearless Leaders

Meet the Best

Leigh Resnekov

Founder of the company

Paul Lange

Founder of the company

Dr Mothomang Diaho

Majority Shareholder

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Whether you’re looking to work with us, learn from us or grow your business through us, we want to hear from you. See what an impact working together can have!

Leigh Resnekov

Founder and CEO

Leigh Resnekov has cemented herself as one of South Africa’s leading implementation specialists.

Her career began as a Cost Accountant at South Africa’s largest agency, Ogilvy & Mather. After five years, she began an eleven-year stint at the country’s leading full-service incentive house, Achievement Awards Group, where she managed the company’s flagship accounts, taking responsibility for the delivery of communication campaigns, client service, administrative teams’ output, and specialist call centres.

During this time, she was instrumental in designing, launching, and administering more than 50 large-scale campaigns.

Together with Paul Lange she co-founded and launched WOW in May 2007. WOW has since grown into a focused, lean organisation delivering recognition and incentive services to top South African companies in various industries.

Paul Langa


Paul Lange has been at the pinnacle of designing strategic solutions for almost 30 years. Paul has been instrumental in designing some of the most iconic loyalty programmes in South Africa, including Ackermans Acktive Shopper and the Sanlam Reality lifestyle, wellness, rewards, and financial programme, to name just a few.
His career began as a journalist in 1979, before joining the PR firm Adele Lucas Promotions as a publicist and writer in 1985.

He would later become the Strategic Director of South Africa’s leading full-service incentive house, Achievement Awards Group. After much success, Paul partnered with Leigh Resnekov to launch WOW Marketing Services in 2007. Since then, Paul has successfully designed strategic solutions for industry leaders such as Engen, AngloAmerican, Renault, Sony, Philip Morris South Africa, and many more.

Dr Mothomang Diaho

Majority Shareholder

Apart from being the majority shareholder of WOW Marketing Services, Dr Mothomang Diaho is a qualified Gestalt practitioner, Cape Cod Methodology intervener and a successful entrepreneur.
Mothomang qualified as a Medical Doctor at the University of Adelaide in Australia more than 35 years ago. She completed post-graduate programmes in Public Health, an MBA at Wits Business School, followed by a Programme for Management Development (PMD) at the Harvard Business School, as well as a Gestalt International OSD (Organisational and Systems Development) at the Cleveland Institute.

She is the current Medical Director of Spiral Aloe Medical Wellness ( which she founded to focus on comprehensive Health and Wellbeing. She is passionate about preventative medicine and strongly believes that “lifestyle is the real medicine”.

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