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About Us

Reimagine the behaviour change process

Linking your staff’s behaviours, beliefs and enthusiasm to your most important business metrics will impact the overall performance of your organisation.

Or, optimising incentives in your sales channel will improve your sales volumes and customer service scores. Our full-service solutions are highly flexible and make real-life changes happen!

With proven expertise across multiple industries and sectors and successful behaviour changes in target groups from 150 to 20,000, WOW’s behaviour change programmes are value-driven, flexible and creative by nature, designed as fully-customised solutions to suit your specific business needs. WOW Marketing Services provides a wide variety of programmes to motivate employees, sales intermediaries, and customers! Our Solutions include Employee Recognition and Rewards, Sales and Channel Incentives and Consumer Loyalty Solutions.

Our Solutions

Inspiring people. Delivering results.

Employee Recognition and Rewards

Want to build your culture from the inside out? Our cost-effective Employee Recognition & Reward solutions are tailor-made to motivate and change the behaviour of staff in any industry or sector.

Sales And Channel Incentives

Inspire your sales teams & sales channel partners to stay motivated and connected to your brand with proven sales incentive programmes founded on daily communications and training, gamified to increase engagement and results.

Consumer Loyalty Solutions

Put customer loyalty at the centre of your business. Engage customers year-round, increase customer acquisition, referrals and customer lifetime value with flexible up-sell and cross-sell initiatives.

How We do it

Our Work Process?

  • Discover

    You've reached out to WOW and our mutual Discovery Phase is underway. We work to understand your business goals and uncover the unique challenges you face. We look to comprehend your resources and constraints. Then we identify and document the project requirements and objectives, clarify exactly how it is that your business operates, so that we can, collaboratively, determine a perfect-fit solution.

  • Design

    During the Design Phase of the process, our team will use the detailed requirements gathered during Discovery, and then build a practical solution, detail the content and implementation plan and prepare accurate cost models. This process too is done in consultation with your team.

  • Develop

    The insights from the Discovery and the blueprint from the Design phases allow our Dev Ops system-architects to create the front and back ends of the solution, uniquely tailored to meet your requirements. Our robust IT platform will drive down the costs of administering and controlling the roll-out and ongoing performance monitoring of the solution.

  • Deploy

    We are not satisfied until you are, so, in the final stage of the process, we work with you and your management team to activate and launch the programme, we continuously measure its progress, evaluating its impact and ensure it’s intended outcomes are tracked. Oversight protocols and risk-mitigation are continuously applied in our outsource services to our client-partners.

Book A Discovery Session

Together we will look at how to achieve your business goals

Streamlined Process

We plan everything in advance. All details are discussed and agreed early in the production process, and all issues tackled well before launch day. WOW operates in an Agile environment.


WOW's delivery model means we can offer more flexibility than any other agency nationally. Flexibility in solution pricing, flexibility in teams, and flexibility in the way the solution is executed.

Passion For Great Work

We didn’t build our portfolio overnight! A lot of brainstorming, and tonnes of experience were involved to make our solutions come to life to meet our clients’ expectations.

Transparency And Goodwill

We believe in creating partnerships that last the test of time, that’s why we provide the same transparency embodied in our Ethos at every step of our journey together.

Why choose wow

Develop your people, scale your business....

Everything You Need

We are a full service agency

At Wow, we understand that you are busy running your business, which is why we provide you with the talent, technology and support you need to ensure that everything is done at the highest level of excellence for the behaviour change programme you’ve embarked on. And you decide how much you want to outsource, insource or deliver yourselves. It’s that simple

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Development Team
Data Analysts
Digital Content Design
Participant Liaison
Dedicated Call Centre

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