08 Jan 2020

Technology has revolutionised our daily lives. From smartphones to laptops, technology has given us instant connectivity and a wealth of knowledge in the palm of our hands.

However, what technology has also done is create an “always-on” mentality. From staying late at work, or simply checking your emails over the weekend, you would be hard-pressed to find a workplace that doesn’t feature individuals who adopted this mentality.

This is never a good thing, for both the employee and the employer. But why?

An “always-on” mentality often encroaches upon and deteriorates an employee’s personal life, which frequently leads to increased stress levels and high employee turnover.

Therefore, a healthy work-life balance has become an important part of modern living. According to the Management Study Guide (MSG), there are four major benefits to a healthy work-life balance:

Fulfilment: People with a healthy balance between their work and personal life experience a sense of fulfilment and contentment in their life.

Improved health: A balanced work-life will help reduce stress-related complications and the risk of various serious heart diseases, hyper-tension, stress or lifestyle-related ailments.

Enhanced productivity: Greater work-life balance will improve the employee productivity and performance at work.

Better relationships: Work-life balance facilitates collaboration in professional and personal relationship. Conflicts are better tackled or addressed when there is a balance between both.

Inverted TopA healthy and happy workforce leads to a more motivated, engaged and productive environment.Inverted Bottom

Roy Downing

At WOW Enterprise Performance Solutions, we believe that an employee’s health and wellness is of the utmost importance to any company, because a healthy and happy workforce leads to a more motivated, engaged and productive environment.

There are various ways to incorporate wellness into the workplace and WOW can assist your company with this. Whether through educational sessions, group exercises, weight-loss competitions or health screenings – the aim is to help staff feel and be better.

While educating staff on health and wellness, it is also beneficial to recognise their efforts and reward them for the changes that they make. Therefore, we offer the following programmes:

HEALTHY DESKDROPS: Instant healthy offerings with a message promoting wellness and good health.

DESK MASSAGE SERVICES: A short massage at an employee’s desk while they work. This will help to ease their stress.

WELLNESS DAYS: Days designed around wellness in the workplace. Staff participate in health-related activities. This will help to raise awareness surrounding common illnesses, personal health, exercise benefits and making healthy choices.

SCREENING: WOW will provide various health checks and screenings to staff.

SICK LEAVE TRACKER: Track sick leave of staff and have them earn points for zero sick days on a long-term cycle. WOW use lifelines to keep staff committed to the effort.

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