18 Dec 2019

It has become customary for companies in high-pressure environments to implement a “sink or swim” mentality to get the best out of their employees. It is believed, with this philosophy, that weak employees will fall by the wayside and only the strongest will survive, leaving the employer in a stronger position.

Does it though?

At WOW Enterprise Performance Solutions, we believe in the complete opposite. Our foundations are based on the principle that a motivated employee is a productive one! With productivity comes success, while a cut-throat approach increases stress and general negativity amongst employees. This is never good for any employer!

According to the Harvard Business Review, the associated stress from a cut-throat workplace often leads to employee disengagement, which can have serious and costly repercussions for an employer. For example, compared to relaxed work environments, a cut-throat workplace produces:

37% higher absenteeism

49% more accidents

60% more errors and defects

Creating a fun working environment has become a critical component to attract, retain and develop talented employees, according to Deloitte. “We have found that companies that embrace fun as an intentional cultural value tend to have more success because it’s known as a widespread organisational aspiration” – Deloitte Review, Issue 24.

So then, isn’t it logical to create a more fun and relaxed working environment to help boost your productivity?



Inverted TopOur foundations are based on the principle that a motivated employee is a productive oneInverted Bottom

Roy Downing

To help you, here are a couple of tips from the Harvard Business Review and Contactzilla. Give them a try in 2020:

CARE: Show you care by taking an interest in your employees
WOW Module: Nominations

SUPPORT: Be compassionate towards your employees and always provide support when they struggle
WOW Module: Deskdrops

GAMES: Create a designated games area and encourage employees to take regular breaks away from their desks
WOW Module: Trolley Dash

FORGIVE: Always forgive employees for their mistakes
WOW Module: Surprise

DECORATE: Make the office a nice environment to be in
WOW Module: Party-in-a-box

INSPIRE: Lead by example to inspire your employees to raise their standards
WOW Module: Scratchcards

CELEBRATE: It’s important to celebrate employee accomplishments, irrespective of the size of the accomplishment
WOW Module: Celebrate

Remember, always be the WOW in your employee’s day!