10 Oct 2018

Did you know that one of the top reasons people leave their jobs is a lack of recognition? Getting managers to recognise their staff members is critically important, but peer-to-peer recognition is arguably just as vital to the success of any company. Peer-to-peer recognition sets a positive tone for company culture, reminding the rest of the team what they are working towards. It also strengthens the bond between co-workers.

Many prominent companies have some sort of peer recognition programme in place. For example, at WOW, we have a peer recognition module called ‘Nominations’, where employees get to nominate their peers who they believe embody the company values.

Regardless of the industry you are in, when it comes to establishing a peer recognition programme, there are a few considerations you should make:

Mauricia Truter

Make it public
Recognition in front of the team or the company can influence behaviour across the entire company.

Build it into the company culture
Encourage your teams to recognise one another regularly and to get creative in the ways they do so.

Think differently
If you offer peer rewards, try to go for the experience instead of the cash bonus, as this is more meaningful, and will be much more memorable.

Keep it real
The fastest way to devalue a peer recognition programme is to start handing out rewards as a matter of habit, instead of rewarding people who have actually earned their recognition. Never reward someone simply for their participation.

For more ideas on how you can implement peer recognition in your business, contact WOW Enterprise Performance Solutions today!