11 Mar 2020

As much as it’s imperative for any business to find the right employee, it’s just as important to be a good employer. Why I hear you ask? “Employees are adults and should be able to work under any condition!”

Nope, not even close!

Just think about it for a couple of seconds, what would be the point of finding the perfect candidate for a position, only to have to start everything all over again in a couple of months because YOU are not creating the right environment for him/her to truly flourish?

Now I’m not talking about an environment where you are buddy-buddy with your employees, that would never work. I’m talking about an environment where employees and employers share a mutual respect. Because without the one, the other one simply wouldn’t exist.

With mutual respect comes motivation, dedication and ultimately innovation!

According to MerchantProExpress, a good employer has the following qualities:

Good communicator: A good employer will always keep their employees in the loop in terms of company performance and goals.

Dedicated: If you aren’t invested in the company’s success, why should your employees be?

Understands a work-life balance: A good employer recognises that overworking employees will lead to stress and frustration, and poor productivity.

Open to new ideas and feedback: A good employer encourages employees to share feedback, rather than being dismissive.

Recognises employee accomplishments: A good employer will review work, offer feedback, acknowledge hard work in a worthwhile way.

Inverted TopWith mutual respect comes motivation, dedication and ultimately innovation!Inverted Bottom

Roy Downing

At WOW, we believe in the importance of making employees feel valued and recognising them for their hard work and dedication. We strive to improve your employees’ morale, productivity and create focus around key company objectives through tailor-made recognition and reward programmes.

In order to create a programme that will perfectly suite your needs, we apply our tried and trusted “WOW Way”:

WE LISTEN to you to clearly understand what you want to achieve.
WE DESIGN a customised recognition and reward programme to meet your strategic imperatives.
WE LAUNCH the recognition and reward programme face-to-face to all staff.
WE TEACH your employees the types of best in class behaviour.
WE MEASURE the success of the recognition and reward programme, continuously.
WE COMMUNICATE with all staff, where they are now and where we want them to be.
WE REWARD deserving staff for their hard work and effort.
WE RE-MEASURE, constantly tracking performance and ensuring alignment.

Contact is today to see how we can make you into a good employer