COVID-19: Safety Audit

COVID-19: Safety Audit

Take the fear out of retail by giving customers the confidence to continue shopping at one of your stores by proving to them that you uphold the highest COVID-19 precautionary measures with WOW’s brand-new independent Safety Audit!

This is your opportunity to build new brand loyalty by advocating your COVID-19 Safety Audit results to your customer base.

What is it?

Using WOW’s benchmark checklist or best practice checklist, a survey is created that will give an accurate, actionable report on compliance in a retail site.

The survey cycles across your sites will be created as a testing-compliance schedule of enumerator visits for a three-month or longer period.

Our trained, quality assured enumerators will be allocated against this schedule to visit the sites and determine compliance, add notes and provided observational data. This can be done overtly or on a mystery-visit basis as required.

Data is delivered live to our process centre, where quality processes are followed, red flags filters applied (for immediate action and alerts across your hierarchy) and the data stored, analysed and presented back to you as interim and final reports with recommended actions.

The survey will help you take visible actions to remedy any faults in your retail outlet. Actions can include:

  • Red Flag alert: Human intervention required immediately
  • Concern alert: Human investigation is required to determine possible risks
  • Minimum acceptable compliance achieved
  • Acceptable compliance achieved
  • Full compliance achieved

Remember, the safer a customer feels at one of your stores,the more likely they’ll return.

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"Safety is not a gadget but a state of mind"

Eleanor Everet