Digital Reward Solutions

Digital Reward Solutions

Working remotely has become the new normal in South Africa. However, with this paradigm shift comes new issues in terms of keeping your remote staff happy and motivated.

With this in mind, WOW Marketing Services has created cutting-edge digital solutions to recognise and reward staff working from home.

These solutions include:

DIGITAL SHOP: Managers can purchase virtual rewards for their team members like airtime or virtual shopping vouchers

REWARD CARDS: Staff can receive their reward earnings straight on a WOW Reward Card, which can be used anywhere in South Africa that accepts Mastercard

CASH ON CARD: Staff can choose to have their reward earnings paid straight into their bank account

DIGITAL WALLET: Each time a staff member earns on a Recognition & Reward programme, their earnings can be paid into their digital wallet, which they can use to purchase virtual items from their very own Virtual Store

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