10 Oct 2018

How often do you recognise the achievements and talents of your employees? Running a business and managing numerous employees might eliminate the time required for such niceties, but if you fail to make employee recognition part of your daily routine, you will be doing so to the detriment of your company.

A recent Harvard study found that recognising employees helps drive productivity and boost employee morale. These findings were especially evident in start-up companies where employee recognition helps to create bonds between the employee and the employer.

According to the before mentioned Harvard study, eight out of ten employees who received appreciation for their work felt content with their jobs. This proves that there is a strong connection between recognition and job satisfaction.

Mauricia Truter

To increase employee job satisfaction and productivity, it is recommended that employers recognise and reward the talents and achievements of their employees. However, you cannot expect to recognise an employee once and be done with it. Employees feel motivated to perform at their best if their hard work and tireless efforts were recognised within the past month.

Employee recognition is not only beneficial for the person who receives it, it also has a significant impact on peers who see great work being rewarded. By publicly presenting employees with rewards for their service, managers instill a sense that the organisation cares about their staff members.

If you want to increase sales and productivity within your organisation, show some appreciation towards your most deserving employees. If you don’t make time for those who deserve it, they will start looking for a company that will.

For cost and time-effective ways to give your employees the recognition they deserve, contact the experts in staff recognition and reward programmes, today.