23 Apr 2020

The eventual end to the nationwide lockdown holds many uncertainties regarding the preservation of our way of life. However, one thing that is certain is that our country has changed irrevocably. To survive as a business you’ll need a much closer relationship with your staff, you need to talk to them every single day, whether they work from home or in the office.

You need to be sure that your staff, whether at home or in the office, are performing optimally!

Your staff who on the road or in the workplace are under pressure to abide with new, absolute measures in respect of safety routines and social distancing, as well as the need to change their private habits and norms outside the workplace. It is stressful and boosting their morale and productivity in this environment is equally urgent and important.

Work-from-home challenges and the stresses of new workplace standards aren’t going to change soon, the new normal will persist, hence our note to you. Let WOW provide you with the necessary tools to help you stay in touch with your staff and keep them focused and performing at the best at all times.

WOW have developed core modules that change the way you communicate, recognise and reward your employees to help keep them in the know, motivated and focused on providing essential services safely.

Inverted TopTo survive as a business you’ll need a much closer relationship with your staffInverted Bottom

Roy Downing

Our modules adapt to suit work-from-home staff too, to mitigate risk and achieve real business benefits!

-LEAD FROM THE FRONT: Senior Management leading their workforce through personal communication touchpoints to stay in touch with your employees and be their trusted go-to source of information

-RECOGNISE THE ROLE MODEL: Recognise the star performers in your company with virtual recognition and rewards

-GAMIFY YOUR WORKSPACES: Engage with your workforce digitally and create a sense of “family” amongst employees through measured and goal-driven modules.

Using a combination of these tools will allow for COVID-19 safety behaviours to rapidly embedded in your workforce, changing how they protect themselves, their families, colleagues, customers and suppliers.