01 Apr 2020

The 21-day COVID-19 lockdown is testing the resilience of the South African economy and countless business owners nationwide. To help curb the spread of the pandemic in South Africa, it’s vital that employees are kept informed and motivated, whether they are at home or providing essential services.

To help South African business owners, WOW Enterprise Performance Solutions have created an innovative programme that supports the COVID-19 plan of any business, by sending their employees educational communications on how to effectively protect themselves, their families and customers against COVID-19.

For those employees providing essential services, the programme can keep them motivated to come to work each day and provide the best quality of work they can during the COVID-19 lockdown. WOW can also keep employees informed and updated about the COVID-19 preventative measures implemented by their employer.

Roy Downing

How it works:

-WOW schedules tailored educational SMS communications to employees

-SMS quizzes are then scheduled weekly, testing knowledge on the recently received information

-Employees receive instant feedback on their entry and instant gratification. Employees are rewarded with airtime for each correct answer – which adds excitement to the learning experience

-Other important business information is blended into the quizzes to ensure focus (e.g. Covid-19 SOPs)

WOW is currently implementing & managing similar communication drives with over 34,000 staff still working across South Africa in essential service industries (24/7) where making sure staff keep customers and co-workers safe is non-negotiable.

Let WOW help keep your employees going during the COVID-19 lockdown, safely!

Contact Leigh Resnekov on:

Phone: O82 921 3862

Email: info@wow4results.co.za

Good luck and stay safe!