25 Mar 2020

Business owners across South Africa are all asking one simple question since President Cyril Ramaphosa announced a nationwide lockdown… now what?

Easy, send your employees home for their own safety! However, for some employers it doesn’t end there. While offering employees the opportunity to work from home, may be a great idea theoretically, but in reality it can be difficult.

But why is this? Easy, if an employee isn’t used to working from home, they could get side-tracked with distractions that simply don’t exist in an office, especially during a nationwide lockdown. As an employer, you simply don’t have the time to manage the daily tasks of each employee.

Therefore, you need to keep motivating your employees to ensure productivity levels stay high and your business will survive!

Here are WOW’s top tips to keep your business going during a nationwide lockdown:

Inverted TopYou need to keep motivating your employees to ensure productivity levels stay high and your business will survive!Inverted Bottom

Roy Downing

STAY IN TOUCH: It’s essential that you keep your employees informed of any developments. Also, working from home could also make employees feel disconnected, so try sending a friendly message from time to time to see how they are doing, the devil really is in the detail! It’s also vital that you regularly check in with your employees.

GIVE CREDIT: Nothing changes from the ordinary working environment, thank and reward employees for their hard work and dedication to the business, especially during this tough time. Remind your staff that they play an important role in the survival of the business, because at the end of the day, they really do! You can also utilise various online platforms to recognise employees, such as @workplace.

TASK LISTS: Instead of micromanaging, which is never a good thing, ask your employees to send their managers a daily task list. This will ensure that no project slips between the cracks and your productivity levels will remain high, because essentially, employees will know exactly what they need to do! It will also enable you to give vital feedback at the end of each day to keep motivation levels high.

It is essential that we unite as a nation against the COVID-19 pandemic! Together we can overcome any obstacle!

Good luck and stay healthy!