10 Oct 2018

There are several factors that determine business success, but the most important – by far – is employee behaviour. Employees are the backbone of your business, and each individual’s behaviour impacts the overall performance of your company.

Recognising the efforts of your staff is an extremely effective way to align employee actions toward a common goal. Recent studies by the Society for Incentive and Travel Excellence (SITE), found that the best way to change an employee’s behaviour is by implementing an engagement or incentive programme, as these has been proven to increase performance levels by an average of 27%.

Mauricia Truter

If structured correctly, an employee recognition programme will reinforce positive behaviours in the workplace. When you notice a behaviour in your workplace that you would like to see more of, you should acknowledge it, recognise it, and reward it. Positive behaviour is often forgotten or goes unnoticed, unlike bad behaviour.

At WOW Enterprise Performance Solutions, we create tailored, flexible recognition programmes that have proven effective in changing employee behaviour and increasing profitability for the companies that we work with.

Employees from all levels of the company should have their input included in the design process, as employee participation will show you who is invested in the well-being of your company, and who is not. This is the time to define the goals for improvement and change employee behaviour.

For an effective employee recognition programme that is designed to successfully eliminate behaviours that hurt your company culture and morale, contact WOW Enterprise Performance Solutions on 021 461 4020, today!