26 Feb 2020

Over the past couple of years, “employee development” has become just a word companies throw around in everyday conversation to attract new talent or to give the impression they care about employees.

Once a word or phrase enters this realm, it unfortunately loses all power and meaning! But just take a second to think about what would happen to your business if you don’t have an effective employee development programme in place.

Your workforce will become stagnant, you’ll lose your best employees and you won’t have a talent pool big enough to change along with trends! In other words, your business will be left adrift without a rudder, sail or a compass!

According to Chad Halvorson, Founder & CEO of When I Work, an effective employee development programme can:

-Attract and keep great employees

-Create promotable employees

-Keep employees engaged at work

-Save and earn money

-Force you to look to the future

Inverted TopOnce a word or phrase enters this realm, it unfortunately loses all power and meaning! Inverted Bottom

Roy Downing

At WOW Enterprise Development Solutions, we believe that an important piece of the employee development puzzle is rewarding and recognising employees for their hard work and dedication. When an employee feels rewarded and recognised, they will become dedicated, loyal and motivated.

Our tailor-made and cost-effective Rewards and Recognition (R&R) programmes are designed to motivate staff and change their behaviour. A motivated and dedicated employee will in turn look at ways to improve your business… everyone’s a winner!

Here are some of tried and trusted R&R modules we can offer you:

-BACK-PAT: This is staff recognition straight from management. It results in superb and instant trust and is a remarkable morale booster that results in incremental improvements in performance.

-DESKDROPS: Instant engagement via an attention grabbing deskdrop-gift that helps build a specific team value ethos or target and ensures that programme participants internalise company or brand values.

-CELEBRATE: Great for driving steady incremental improvement. Teams win celebrations when they consistently achieve selected short-term goals. Winning teams decide how they want to celebrate.

-SCRATCHCARDS: Simple but powerful, Scratchcards are a largely admin-free solution that give low-cost, but significant and tangible recognition to winners. Instant rewards are given for great behaviour.

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