12 Feb 2020

With the current rate of digitalisation and technological innovation, it’s easy to assume that the workplace of the future is closer than you think.

I’m not talking about a workplace where employees drive flying cars or have meals in pill form. I’m talking about a workplace where AI reigns supreme and employees work remotely.

Now, from an employer’s perspective, this may sound great. With rising outlays and tough trading conditions, eliminating costs associated with a large workforce and office space may seem like a brilliant proposition at first, but is it really?

With employees working remotely and only interacting with AI instead of their colleagues, you are eliminating one of the biggest necessities we have as human beings… human interaction! Without human interaction your workforce will suffer from low morale and you will never get the best out of them!

As you know, low morale leads to a lull in employee innovation. A lack of innovation in your workforce will leave your business chained to an archaic way of doing things and unable to cope with the ever-changing trading environment.

Inverted TopI’m talking about a workplace where AI reigns supreme and employees work remotely.Inverted Bottom

Roy Downing

Don’t get me wrong, digitalisation and working remotely will be great to stimulate economic growth and entrepreneurs. But at the end of the day, employees need human interaction, they need to feel like they mean something to your business, and they want to be rewarded and recognised for their hard work and dedication.

Therefore, R&R programmes will play an integral role in the workplace of the future!

But why wait? WOW Enterprise Performance Solutions can give you tomorrow’s R&R programme TODAY! By utilising the latest technology and over 50 years of experience, we can provide tailor-made programmes to suit any business.

Our R&R programmes are designed to motivate staff and change their behaviour. We are also in frequent contact with employees to inform them of what they need to do to be recognised via simple motivational messages.

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