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What WOW’s Millennial and Gen Zee want in a rewards programme

Working for a leading recognition and rewards company can bring plenty of benefits for its staff. After all, they preach the importance of recognizing employees. It is important to consider the input you receive from your employees. Their feedback can play a large role in how you adapt your current incentive strategy. If you make […]

Why an employee recognition programme is critical now more than ever

Staff turnover is a continuous problem for every type of business. It is often a factor in a company’s failure rate. Companies are advised to treat their staff fair and invest in retention strategies that will make them feel valued. An Employee Recognition and Reward Programme would provide all the building blocks to setting a […]

WOW your customers with BIG DATA in 2023

Gone are the days of “once-off selling”, where you sell goods or an item to a customer you will probably never see again. It was simple and effective: You make a product, you market it, you sell the product and viola, you make money! But does this mentality ring true in the modern age? Don’t […]

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