WOW your customers with BIG DATA in 2023

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Gone are the days of “once-off selling”, where you sell goods or an item to a customer you will probably never see again. It was simple and effective: You make a product, you market it, you sell the product and viola, you make money!

But does this mentality ring true in the modern age? Don’t bet your life, or in today’s economy, your business on it!

What has changed you may ask? Simple, the modern customer has become more refined in their needs and wants. Unlike previous generations, the modern customer wants to feel special and want to be communicated with. They are looking for convenience and they expect that from YOU!

What now? How can you possibly keep up with the Joneses? Simple, you need BIG DATA!.

Simply put, big data refers to all the tools and techniques in which a person analyses or systematically extracts information from large data sets too large or complex for traditional data-processing application software.

In a nutshell, big data is essential to businesses, because it gives them the means to make calculated business decisions that are backed up by mountains of data. Gone are the days where a company can make an important decision on a whim or because the owner wants to.

With big data you know exactly what your clients like and what they don’t. According to Bernard Marr, from Business Intelligence Performance, global retailer, Walmart, is a prime example of how a business can correctly utilise big data to its advantage.

A few years ago, Walmart launched its Data Café. It’s a cutting-edge analytics hub, where millions of data streams can be processed to deliver insights into any issue a Walmart store has, irrespective of its location.

The Data Café has been immensely effective. Marr states that one grocery team couldn’t understand why sales in one product category had suddenly dropped, so they turned to the Café for answers. Upon analysing the data, they were able to identify a simple pricing miscalculation which had led to products in that category being listed at a higher price than normal in some stores.

If you want your business to flourish in this tight economy, big data isn’t a “nice to have”, it’s a “must have”!

How we can help you WOW your clients

Since 2007, WOW has provided customers with specifically-crafted software solutions, which has allowed them to remove several pain points, enhance their customers’ journeys and maximise profit opportunities.

To create each tailor-made software solution, WOW conducts a thorough investigation of a client’s system requirements to better understand the current process flows and the overall IT environment. After discussions around practical issues, WOW designs, writes and deploys code to create online platforms for client-specific administrative and marketing activities for their behaviour.

WOW’s custom IT solutions allow our customers to:

-Understand relevant performance and customer data at every level

-Have access to real time reporting and dashboards

-Automate and track every process where this will provide real gains

-Have a record of all historical transactions / data changes / provide audit functionality across a range of complex workflows

Contact WOW today to see how we can help you exceed your customers’ expectations in 2020.


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