10 Oct 2018

From starting out in true start-up style, WOW Enterprise Performance Solutions has worked its way up to being South Africa’s leading innovator in providing industry-focused engagement solutions that transform staff behaviour to improve sales growth, efficiency, safety and customer focus- a milestone definitely worth celebrating!

A strong workforce is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to fast track business performance. Human behavioural research studies reveal that motivated employees who are aware of their strengths and use them daily are six times more likely to perform better. As a result, founders Leigh Resnekov and Paul Lange were motivated to establish WOW Enterprise Performance Solutions, a company that would not only recognise employees for their contribution, but would also harness their strengths to help them reach their ultimate potential. With a strong focus on staff recognition, channel incentives powered by their 42 (combined) years of industry experience, WOW Enterprise Performance Solutions is now a market leader in South Africa. We are also proudly black woman owned and backed by Tritech Media.

Over the past 10 years, WOW Enterprise Performance has built a reputation as an industry leader in behavior modification. With over 77 000 participants in 16 countries to date, our mission is to partner with our clients to harness their staff’s greatest potential. As South Africa’s top behaviour modification specialists;

Mauricia Truter

WOW’s primary focus is in simultaneously enhancing employee engagement and recognition through tailor-made services that cultivate employees’ innate strengths and motivate performance through rewarding hard work.

We focus on providing cutting edge solutions that will help accelerate the performance of our clients, giving them unparalleled competitive edge. Whatever your business is or its requirements; we provide the perfect solution one innovation at a time.

Over the years, with all the milestones achieved along the way, it has always been about the people. “The most important lesson I have learned that the success of our business has been due to having a strong workforce. Finding and retaining the right people is challenging, but once they are there; it’s important to show them you value their hard work” shared Leigh Resnekov when asked what pearls of wisdom she has for companies starting out today.

With clients across South Africa & Africa, WOW continues to offer unique solutions, tailor-made to meet their customers’ requirements. “It is about what we can do, not what we can’t. Tell us what you want and we will make it happen, no matter what”, this is the attitude Paul and Leigh have approached every customer with. It’s been a decade and we continue to thrive because with WOW it is simple “a win for our clients is a win for us”. We look forward to another decade of transforming and strengthening businesses through cutting-edge innovative human behaviour solutions.