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It’s well-known that motivation drives staff performance. Igniting that is what WOW does best. We are the top behaviour modification specialists in South Africa. With a proven track record and years of hands-on experience, our clients including some of South Africa’s biggest brands have remained loyal to our programmes and services over the years. WOW offers low-cost, tailor-made incentive or reward programmes based on your business needs. Whether we’re working with 10 000 participants or only 100, our efficiency and dedication are at your service.

WOW has two areas of expertise:

The first is Staff Recognition and Rewards which will assist you to align your workforce with the values and strategies you’ve established to drive your business. By changing staff behaviour, recognising hard work and rewarding employees for their efforts, you will achieve increased business performance. The second area of expertise is WOW’s Sales & Channel Incentives that are custom-designed to engage and motivate your sales team (or your channel partners) to improve their product knowledge and to reach sales targets. By rewarding the people who make up your business using an incentive programme, you unlock the hidden potential of your workforce, which is a good for the individuals participating as it is for your business. Whether you want to improve brand loyalty from channel partners, increase sales to grow your market share,enhance staff engagement or improve workplace morale and potential, we have a unique solution for you.

How It Works?

After a consultation session, WOW proposes flexible reward or incentive modules that are purpose fit for your business environment, your objectives and your budget. Using research techniques that are designed specifically for the workplace, we address the prevailing attitudes of employees that might hinder your business performance and growth before advising you on specific solutions to improve employee performance. These solutions are about continuous encouragement, engagement and follow through. We equip you with the tools you need to keep staff motivated. It’s important that your programme is designed to meet your needs and executed with the highest level of customer service and accuracy so that you can reap the benefits of staff efficiency and loyalty.

The Outcomes:
  • Improved staff performance
  • Staff who want to engage with your business goals
  • Positive attitudes and employees who are highly motivated to do their jobs to the best of their ability
  • Sales growth
  • Integrated digital communication
  • Full call centre capability
  • Innovation and culture change
  • Efficient administration

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