What it Costs
Our Costing Approach

All rewards are charged at cost. If there is a margin charge, it is after rebates and confidentials. The actual administrative redemption process costs are billed on the basis of the actual costs plus the time charge for the labour required to redeem the reward. The communication costs relating to redemption are billed based on the costs for all participant communication – including: • Inbound calls – short and long • Outbound calls – short and long • SMS outbound • SMS inbound • Email inbound • Email outbound • MMS • Fax inbound • Fax outbound • Web inbound data pickup • Automated web outbound communication.

Staff recognition and reward programmes range from less than R100 per person per month to R275 per person per month (which includes design, communication, training, administration and rewards.)

Sales & Channel Incentives costs range from R28 per person per month to R180 per person per month (including sales capture, sales verification, participant registration, communication, administration and rewards). The administration charges are at a fixed cost per transaction.


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