Targeted Communication

One of the most important things we do, is to really engage with you. This is vital to the continuous improvement and success of the programme you choose.



Feedback from you and participants is vital to the continuous improvement and success of a programme.

These are some of the tools we use to allow our participants and clients to communicate with us:

Mini Focus Groups

In a focus group, participants are given the opportunity to express themselves in a confidential forum.

Instant Dipsticks

This is the initial listening tool used in most of our campaigns. It takes less than two minutes for target participants to complete and then the core results are compared with other players in similar sectors for additional client insights. Simple reports are available on the same day, with detailed analysis the next day.

Call Outs

In order for you to effectively run your business, WOW often makes phone calls to customers, intermediaries and staff to get their views on issues that you need to know about. We then document and analyse the feedback to produce real-time data that is delivered to you on the same day.

Mystery Shoppers

Large campaigns with investment costs running into millions need rigorous measurements. WOW designs and delivers mystery shopper services, transforming these results into communications, rewards and management feedback reports.


Campaign-Specific Websites

Programme websites are as individual as each programme that they support. Because this is your programme, WOW is absent as an identifiable entity.

WOW uses energy efficient (low bandwidth) graphics and tools to impress the participants, with a CMS package that keeps the website readable, fresh and engaging. We update your home page monthly, weekly or daily with the latest news. This encourages participants to continuously engage with their personalised world of recognition and motivation.

Campaign Newsletter

Every month participants receive an electronic newsletter covering the latest progamme news, winners and developments. The newsletter works in synergy with on-going communication, reinforcing the objectives and goals and highlighting the fun, rewarding nature of the programme.

Personalised Email Campaigns

WOW emails are short and powerful. They deliver clear messages with a direct call to action. They encourage programme participants to deliver fast responses and reply as they see fit. Managing and analysing replies is what gives our campaigns credibility.

Personalised Triggered SMS

As events happen on our campaigns, for example when a target is hit, a milestone reached or a birthday celebrated, our communication engine delivers personalised SMSes straight to the participant. Similarly, urgent large-scale messaging can be broadcast. In the channel we empower the dealers to use our moderated broadcast engine to talk to their own staff and customers.

Social Media

WOW creates social media tools to drive campaign compliance and thus effectiveness across the participant bases of your campaigns. It works, powerfully. Whether it is our closed-loop social media sites or our YouTube endorsement drives, the effectiveness of social media supports your organisation’s requirements.


WOW uses video driven by narrative to impart complex messages to often-reluctant audiences.


To keep things cost-efficient, digital communications are utilised on almost all campaigns, but the traditional world of print (including flyers and posters), audio visual and display are blended into digital campaigns to ensure appropriate response from the targeted participants on WOW’s programmes.


Programme Angels

These are WOW staff that hand out and deliver rewards and prizes at your company. Real people delivering the magic promised in the communication to the targeted participants.

Swag Bag

Physical tools to excite, motivate and reward staff, such as props, dress-up items, canteen vouchers, team building games, vouchers for time off and so on.  Team leaders / managers have a swag bag full of surprises to hand out at their discretion, giving them an opportunity to engage with their staff in a very positive way.


Short messages on a fun, low-value ‘gift’ (usually edible), are delivered to staff members’ desks, reminding them of an upcoming event, or a short note to encourage their good work or underline a commitment by the organisation to a fundamental value.


It’s not just what you say – it’s how you say it.

WOW recognition, reward and incentive solutions are packaged with smart, well designed communication that keeps the dialogue with participants fresh and fluid – often on a daily basis. Our team of experienced sub-brand development and communication professionals will ensure that your incentive programmes are consistent with your corporate culture, identity and brand spirit.

For 100% satisfaction, WOW communication strategies encompass everything from briefing, design, art, copy and production, to delivery and feedback reports.

WOW schedules and delivers communication against a 12-month calendar and budget. Communication is assessed using dipstick surveys and reviewed with you. The communication content and schedules are flexible so they can be modified virtually instantly, as required.


When there is a lack of communication, there is the risk of dysfunction. Companies and other organisations are no exception. Dysfunction in companies leads to impairment of their earning potential in the immediate, medium and long term.

Too often companies are too busy being successful (or fighting for survival) to make sure that they are communicating internally and with their third party intermediaries. It’s this communication gap that causes most of the problem, largely because of what rushes in to fill it: conjecture, rumour and opinion – all of which results in splintering the core company or organisational messages that need to be delivered.
This problem exists in all organisations.

There’s often an overall inconsistency in communication, from the way executives engage with shareholders all the way through to management and staff.

The WOW approach
Addresses these common yet easy-to-solve problem areas by systemising an approach to internal communications which recognises that:

  • Leadership’s intelligence has to be translated into a language that can be understood and trusted
    • This voice must be consistent
    • Important things have to repeated, often, albeit it in different ways
  • WOW ensures that messages are consistent through multiple spokespersons.

The executive and management can build a real set of internal relationships characterised by integrity, truthfulness and humour, simply by communicating regularly and effectively.

WOW develops the voices and a set of templates to manage the on-going rollout of the communication plan. The actual execution of communication and the handling of feedback are all powerful elements of successful internal and sales channel communication. WOW provides these services on a confidential basis.

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