Staff Recognition & Rewards

Research shows that businesses with a Staff Recognition & Rewards programme, have increased employee productivity and staff engagement with business strategy and goals is enhanced. When you create a culture of recognition in your workplace, you will see an increased return on your investments because your employees are more motivated to be productive and to connect with the core values of your business.

WOW has the best and most cost-effective Staff Recognition & Rewards programmes and these are tailor-made to the needs of your business. With our track record of success our clients regard us as a strategic partner helping to build the relationship between them and the workforce.

Staff Recognition & Rewards are designed to motivate staff and to change their behaviour, but recognition and rewards alone will not necessarily change the way people behave. Communication about what needs to be done and communication providing a simple motivation for doing it are also required. Determining how best to communicate, package and present recognition and rewards is crucial for success.

How we do it:

To provide you with the best Staff Recognition & Rewards, we first assess your business needs and review your current situation. Based on the findings we design a brand new, tailor-made solution that is not only cost effective, but will also give you immediate results. Once the design is finalised, we launch the programme in your business, train staff and managers to use it and implement it as an outsourced service in totality.

Recognition & Rewards as a Business Tool:

Making recognition and rewards achieve multiple business goals is a sciencebut, and getting this tool to work inspirationally is an art.

Our Approach:

Designing tailor-made programmes starts with meeting the people

  • It’s about headspace: WOW works hard to understand what programme participants – this allows us to inspire them to perform at a higher level.
  • A personal touch: A more intimate approach allows us to discover who the participants are, which is important because people’s behaviour is directly influenced by their place in the business and the stage of life they are experiencing.
  • Symbolic gestures and targeted communication strategies: These tools allow our programmes to achieve excellent business results.
  • Feeling good: Staff Recognition and Reward contribute to the feel-good factor that is essential to develop successful, a world-class team culture in an organisation.
The First Step:

The WOW team will tackle the challenges you and your organisation face with enthusiasm. The first step is to develop a plan of action. Experience has shown that the more we put into the planning phase, the more enthusiastic the programme participants will be. This translates into faster, more tangible results for your business.

Who will benefit from WOW’s Staff Recognition & Rewards?


The Power of Recognition

The strength of leadership in organisations, management skills, the supervisory abilities of junior management and the actual levels of commitment and loyalty from staff make a fundamental impact on the performance of an organisation. Levels of performance are directly affected not only by the motivation of the workforce and its management, but also by other factors including the effectiveness of the processes in place, training, quality systems and audit procedures.

At WOW, we design and build structures that allow a sense of achievement to be fostered and shared within the workforce. And with successful motivation programmes – especially those built on recognition – come very rewarding by-products: from personal fulfilment to fun and excitement in the workplace.


As WOW turns strategy into practical action all stakeholders can see the results on the ground and in monthly reports. With WOW businesses are able to build on successes in every department, from sales to cost containment, quality, safety and productivity.


WOW assists managers to achieve better team results, improve supervisor standards and performance consistency, and deepen product knowledge and promotional support.


WOW provides you with the tools you need to target every type of behaviour and output – from sales to punctuality. Through our programmes, you can build good habits on instant recognition of daily successes, which will shift behaviour into positive territory. By quickly and decisively rewarding positive behaviours, WOW aids in making overall performance better.


Because our solutions are designed in collaboration with staff, employees embrace these programmes wholeheartedly.

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