Performance Improvement Modules

Tools that really work for YOU!

A selection of proven behaviour change modules, where you choose the ones that are right for your business. For your business to arrive at a complete programme solution that not only guarantees behaviour change within your workforce, but that also leads to the most positive business results, WOW either creates new or uses an effective mix of existing proven behaviour change modules that are unique to your business needs. Once the pre-launch and launch have taken place, it generally takes four or more modules to make a WOW programme a big success. This applies equally to staff, intermediary or customer programmes.

Existing Staff Recognition & Rewards Modules

Simple but powerful, WOW Scratchcards are an admin-free solution that give low-cost, but significant and tangible recognition to winners. Instant rewards are given for great behaviour. Winners scratch to find out what they have won. Prizes are pre-selected by the client and range in value from R50 to R2500. Monthly cost: R35 to R50 per participant.


Great for driving steady incremental improvement. Teams win celebrations when they consistently achieve selected short-term goals. Winning teams decide how they want to celebrate. Celebrations are managed by WOW for maximum effect and minimum disruption to your business. Monthly cost: R35 to R55 per participant.


Supervisor surprises that not only help junior management drive short-term targets, but also teach them to implement recognition within clear governance rules. All admin handled off-site by WOW. Monthly cost: R16 to R25 per participant.


Recognition by peers that highlights the positives. Feedback is used to drive the changes sought by management. Monthly cost: R6 to R10 per participant.

Trolley Dash

A great way to focus excitement at the end of a quarter or a year. A selected number of top performers dash around a retail outlet for a short period of time filling their trolley with desired items. The event is filmed so that the winners can relive their experience. Quarterly cost: R3 to R6 per participant (excluding the value of items placed in the trolley).

Did you know?

This is a simple, yet highly effective way of educating your staff about your business or reinforcing your company values. Engagement is enhanced by coupling the messaging with the possibility of winning a lucky draw prize. Quarterly cost: R10 to R15 per participant.


A low-cost positive reinforcement module to recognise the outstanding efforts made by individuals or teams through quarterly or bi-annual floating trophies. This module is excellent for driving departments or branch targets. Monthly cost: R5 to R15 per participant.


Staff or intermediaries buy into the success of the business or sales goals and earn monthly or quarterly points for their performance. This is brilliant for long-term retention of the best staff and building intermediary commitment and trust with the sales channel staff. Final points can be redeemed for a choice of vouchers or selected catalogue merchandise. This is an excellent way of extending the impact of low-budget reward solutions. Monthly cost: R15 to R37 per participant.

Feel Good

Instant offerings via deskdrop that help build a team-value ethic and ensure that programme participants internalise company or brand values. Monthly cost: R5 to R18 per participant.

Partner Challenge

Using personal competitiveness to drive daily sales targets. This module is currently utilised in call centres and network marketing environments only. Monthly cost: R95 to R125 per participant.

Mystery Shopper

Independent measurement of stores, branches and sites. Instant feedback to management and staff, aligned with your business goals. Monthly cost: R26 to R70 per participant.


Little Improvements From Everyone promotes innovation across the organisation. This is a structured process that allows the organisation to track the ROI of all implemented LIFE ideas. Monthly cost: R15 to R35 per participant.


Facilitated suggestion workshops to unlock staff wisdom. Monthly cost: R8 to R12 per participant.


This is staff recognition straight from management and requires a minimum of managers’ time. This results in superb and instant trust and is a definite morale booster that results in massive improvements in performance behaviours. Monthly cost: R2 to R8 per participant.


Is a highly effective consequence-module that drives perfect attendance with tiered rewards. Also used in the sales channel to achieve product mix targets. Monthly cost: R15 to R20 per participant.


Powerful, tax compliant cash incentives in the sales channel. Monthly cost: R16 to R24 per participant.

Romantic Moments

Hit a short-term target and win a romantic dinner for two at a venue of the winner’s choice. Monthly cost: R35 to R55 per participant.

Management Innovation Challenge

A five-month progressive innovation challenge that allows organisations to utilise your best internal resource – your managers – to come up with a business idea that is the next big game-changer. Structured, defined and credible. Monthly cost: R10 to R30 per participant.

Existing Sales & Channel Incentives Modules
Sales Hurdles

This module drives the behaviour toward the carefully selected attainment of specific goals as well as surmounting a hurdle, often a measure of improvement in compliance, or brands mix, right pack sizes, right price, in the appropriate channel. Participants are rewarded for incremental improvement and meeting the specified hurdle. Monthly cost: R35 to R70 per participant.

Sales Innovation

Facilitated suggestion workshops to unlock sales staff and channel partners wisdom. Monthly cost: R6 to R12 per participant.

Sales Sensation

Drives sales, rewards improvement, is short-term goal focused and staff are recognised daily. Monthly cost: R50 to R60 per participant.

Product Pop Quiz

Interactive multiple-choice pop quiz to help sales staff or channel partners to understand their product range with sweepstake prizes for winners. Monthly cost: R5 to R12 per participant.

Sales Accelerator

Module that creates a competitive culture amongst the sales staff by acknowledging their accomplishments while driving sales performance. Monthly cost: R40 to R60 per participant.

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