Programme Design

Programme Design is a two-week period of engagement with both your organisation’s management and the programme’s targeted participants. This engagement period includes:

  • Short one-on-one meetings with the company’s leadership
  • Brief group meetings with staff and supervisory management
  • Brief meetings with staff
  • Meetings with third-party intermediaries and customers if required

Once these have taken place, WOW develops a tailor-made solution based on the input of the leadership and workforce. The concept solution is then workshopped with an appointed client project committee. The objective of this workshop is to refine the concept solution based on the project committee’s feedback.

After this WOW presents a written solution tabled in a 60-page scope document for client approval.

The WOW scope document includes:

  • An overarching name
  • A theme
  • A look and feel
  • A rationale
  • Pre-launch activities
  • A launch plan
  • An on-going communication strategy including a monthly plan setting out a range of communication with a matrix outlining media, reach, frequency, impact and content, as well as specific themes linked to helping individuals focus on aspects of behaviour that will predispose them to achieving the goals
  • Administration system
  • An outline of the weekly / monthly / quarterly measurements
  • A reward solution with a daily, weekly, quarterly and annual hierarchy of recognition and reward
  • A system of recognition / rewards / incentives at different status levels and at different degrees of success
  • A customised set of reports to manage the programme and track ROI
  • An outline of potential risks or issues
  • Reviews (purpose, structure and forward dates)
  • A detailed budget and cash flow
  • A roll-out timeline and GANTT chart
  • An SLA setting out the full administration and communication aspects of the programme
  • The expected outcome

WOW ensures that these objectives and solutions are aligned to your marketing initiatives and corporate identity.

The FOUR PHASES of Programme Implementation:

It takes three weeks to design the entire solution and an additional three weeks to successfully launch it. Once launched, the programme has immediate effect.

The results are achieved through a blend of solutions that harness the power of recognition, communication and the dynamic daily motivation of staff. This motivation is driven by measures that staff relate to.


PHASE ONE: Research & Development

(Three Weeks)

For Sales & Channel Incentives, WOW consults with leadership, sales managers, sales representatives and channel partners. For Staff Recognition & Rewards, WOW consults with business leadership, senior management and heads of department, supervisory management and the staff themselves. After the interview process, WOW conducts desk research based on client documentation and available best practice information.


PHASE TWO: Consultation

(Two Weeks)

After the research and development phase, WOW documents a formal feedback report based on the client’s input. A solution blueprint is designed for client consideration. Included in this blueprint is a detailed implementation plan (from creative to costing), opportunities for improvement, the number of sub-modules that are required to effect positive changes and an introduction to specific recognition-driven programmes suited to your business. Once this scope document or an amended version is approved, the implementation phase begins.


PHASE THREE: Implementation


WOW now becomes the implementation agency and we launch and manage the project within your organisation. This means we take on full responsibility, against the contract and a service level agreement to effect the solution (with all its modules) as agreed. Essential to the success of the programme is communication and administration. Through our state of the art proprietary software, WOW drives down the costs of implementation and ensures quality and accuracy in feedback reports and audits.


PHASE FOUR: Review & Improve


This final phase is an on-going review phase, which takes place during monthly oversight meetings, quarterly during strategic reviews and annually at ‘kill-or-continue’ review sessions.

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