Participant Rewards
WOW Card

A reloadable, FICA approved MasterCard that is low-cost and timed to deliver rewards in regular payment cycles or as a once-off reward for a specific achievement. Money is loaded onto the winner’s card and can be redeemed at any MasterCard supported outlet.  The WOW Card offers all the spending power of cash, with the prestige of a card.


In some instances there is nothing as rewarding as cash. When ‘cash is king’ we keep it simple by depositing the reward directly into the winner’s bank account, eliminating any administrative burden on you, and using a unique model protecting both the employer and the employee from infringing tax regulations.


Must-have quality merchandise selected to suit the profile and aspirations of the participant group. Typically the system is set up so that participants don’t win the same prize twice during the course of the programme.


Anything-Goes Voucher:  This is exchanged for a store voucher. Winners choose from over 1000 local and national retailers. The store voucher is handed to them by their manager / supervisor or by the ‘Programme Angel.’

Romantic Moment

A dinner voucher for two at a venue of the winner’s choice. Can also be exchanged for a store voucher.


Virtually unlimited choice of personalised products and services aimed at acknowledging the partners of programme participants.

Digital Rewards

Instant delivery of store vouchers to participants cellphones. Virtual vouchers are dispatched to winner’s cellphones giving them a choice of thousands of top brand products, services and experiences.


A powerful instant reward for staff who achieve pre-set criteria.  You tell us who and we deliver the airtime directly to their phones.

WOW Online Catalogue

Winners get to choose their own prize from a huge selection of quality merchandise and vouchers, including services and experiences.  You simply decide on the value and they choose exactly what they want from  WOW’s online catalogue.  WOW handles delivery.

Travel Incentives

In association with our experienced travel team, WOW designs travel incentives to reward the top performing individuals in your business or sales channel in an exceptional way. The inspirational experience speaks volumes about how much they are appreciated, reinforcing the brand loyalty of individuals in your staff or sales channel and boosting their motivation to excel.

  • A vast knowledge base from our associate, IATA accredited travel team, who have a total of over 20 years’ experience in the travel incentive business.
  • Working closely with your project team, WOW delivers customised travel incentives that are strategically aligned with your company values and objectives to deliver really impressive results. All administration, bookings and communication is handled by WOW.
  • Travel incentives that speak to the audience. The targeted participants are profiled to establish what makes them tick and the travel incentive is designed to match – if they are sports lovers, we pick out the sporting event they get to experience live; if they are adventure seekers, we find the ultimate adrenalin rush for them. After all, it’s not just travel; it’s the experience of a lifetime to reward their performance.
  • Special treatment: those extras that make all the difference in giving the winners an all-round exceptional reward. The personal touch of being met at the airport with a shuttle to the hotel ready and waiting; having their room available the moment they get to the hotel; finding a personalised message in their hotel room wishing them a wonderful trip – whatever it takes to make the experience exceed their expectations
  • Travel experience incentives that work at all levels – whatever the budget. We find creative solutions to WOW your staff – from local weekend getaways, to travel within southern Africa, to overseas adventures.
  • Bonding with management – special trips for top performers and their partners with senior management. The sense that management has taken time to spend with them is a strong message to these individuals of their worth to the company.
  • Making more of awards – WOW designs and co-ordinates gala events to make the handing out of awards a really special occasion that has long-term memory value that motivates staff to get to the top and stay there.

Why Travel?

  • Travel incentives inspire changes in behaviour from the top performing individuals who are critical to an organisation in achieving its business goals.
  • It’s the promise of a once-in-a-lifetime, unique experience that proves highly impactful and memorable in the months leading up to the trip. The anticipation of this reward inspires participants to give their best to the sponsoring brand, as prospective winners compete for the prize.
  • The recipients of travel incentives, be they business partners, customers or staff, really feel valued – whether it is a weekend away, a local holiday or an overseas trip – the winners feel truly special. They have earned an out-of-the-ordinary reward.
  • Travel incentives often say thank you to the winning individuals’ life partners too – travel incentives that include the winner’s spouse or special companion are an even more powerful way of showing appreciation for the sacrifices this person has made to allow the winner to make the extraordinary effort that was required.
  • Travel builds on loyalty. Investing in a premium travel experience for your top brand ambassadors tells them you are committed to them and reinforces their loyalty and commitment to you. They feel more motivated than ever to excel.
  • Travel builds competition between top performers by giving the stars in your business world a high-prestige reward to compete for. Winners get the limelight and the runners-up say ‘Next time, it will be me!’
  • The reward ‘pays for itself’ – the people you are rewarding are the individuals that have put the most into the business. You know this because they have met and exceeded the criteria set out in the incentive programme.

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