Cost-effective reward programmes tailored for your needs

Staff Recognition & Rewards

Unite your workforce behind the values, strategies and metrics that drive your business. By changing staff behaviour incrementally, recognising hard work and publically acknowledging your staff for it, you will achieve increased business performance.

Sales & Channel Incentives

Engage and motivate your sales teams and channel partners to reach their sales targets and to improve their product knowledge. By rewarding the people that keep your prime revenue streams flowing, you can aggressively seize market share from competitors.

Support Services

Benefit from our full range of services across both Staff Recognition & Rewards and Sales & Channel Incentives. These include programme design, performance improvement modules, participant rewards, targeted communications and integrated administration.

75,000 active participants across 30 campaigns in 16 countries!

We deliver fast and flexibly. Our clients do not have to enter into long-term contracts.

We offer full implementation and accountability by a team of seasoned behaviour modification specialists.

Our fresh approach to the African market provides greater flexibility for clients, lower costs and our commitment to quality.

We offer low-cost customised Staff Recognition & Rewards and Sales & Channel Incentives. We deliver fast, remain flexible and we don’t require a long-term contract. 

Our Approach…

We offer each client a unique solution. We design and implement proprietary recognition and reward solutions, giving you a complete and customised product that delivers results for your specific challenges. Our approach improves total enterprise performance and our proven performance modules can be applied in specific areas of the business or delivered as a full offering, giving you greater return on investment.

In addition to South Africa’s best behaviour modification specialists, our team has a proven track record and years of hands-on experience.

The WOW team boasts the best behaviour modification specialists in South Africa with a proven track record and years of hands-on experience!

Our Clients…

The Experts

Our team of seasoned behaviour modification technologists offers full implementation and accountability.

What We Offer

Programme Design

Programme design is a two-week engagement with both your organisation’s management and the programme’s targeted participants.

Performance Improvement Module

Our 20 software driven modules, each with proven results, will be customised for your roll out. We will recommend the best modules to meet your needs.

Participant Rewards

Our informed approach to rewards fulfilment matches the right reward to the specific participant profile.

Targeted Communication

WOW has the software engines for powerful digital and analogue integrated communication solutions.

Integrated Administration

We have the experience and the people to run your programme cost-effectively and efficiently, giving you the freedom to focus on running your business.

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Successful Campaigns

Our African footprint reaches 16 sub-Saharan countries and two Indian Ocean island territories. WOW is active in more than 4,578 sites on the continent.